Why Wood Wedding Bands?

  • Each wood ring has a unique wood grain, symbolizing a one-of-a-kind love story.
  • Wood has been a symbol of power, resilience and strong vitality, just like a lasting marriage commitment.
Wedding Collection

Whisky Barrel Wedding Bands

Freedom | Relax | Alleviate Anxiety

When you leisurely sit in a bar, sipping on a glass of whisky, listening to the melodious guitar music, you feel completely relaxed and at ease. This series of designs is inspired by these moments.

Free Silicone Band

Silicone band is a comfortable and lightweight material, making them ideal for wearing during physical activities, sports, or manual labor. It's the perfect backup for your metal ring.

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Guitar Series

Wearing a ring embedded with guitar string, strumming guitar to show your charm.

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Our Initiative

Sustainable Wood Rings: Crafted from nature's bounty, these rings remind us of our duty to preserve the environment. For every order, we'll plant a tree - returning to nature what we've borrowed. Embrace nature's beauty while upholding our responsibility to protect it.

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